Tuesday 8 September 2009

Alana Storey Ė Personal Reflections

At Her Dadís (Greg Storey) Funeral

Dad, itís hard to comprehend that you are gone. Hard to remember not to walk outside to your rocking chair and kiss you goodnight or say good morning. As days go by memories will always flood my mind. You inspired me always to go for my dreams and to fly higher then I originally planned, your encouragement got me through each day.The way you stayed with me through the two days of QCS and waited until I finished and passed peacefully the next morning meant the world to me. Iíll miss the days of washing up and being able to look up and see you sitting in your rocking chair either reading your bible or sitting and thinking or occasionally staring at me. If I didnít look up for a while you use to tap your walking stick on the window and have a cheeky little grin on your face and wave, this always made washing up several times a day worth it. Iíll miss being able to cuddle up with you whenever Iím feeling lonely or sad and you telling me how much you love me. You never thought twice about telling me you loved me every time I left your side. You always had an unfailing love for your family and friends, and your children and wife were always you first priority. Iíll remember the mornings when I would wake up cranky and you would ask me what side of the bed I woke up on and then you would tell me to go back to bed and to get out the other side because you thought I got out the wrong side. Iíll miss the mornings when I would wake up early before everyone but you and help Mum out with making the lunches and getting breakfast prepared, it always use to make you so happy that I had woken up on my own and wasnít cranky as I am not a morning person.Iíll miss the days when Mum would call out lunch boxes and you knowing how much this annoyed me would yell it out several times.You use to egg me on to kiss and hug Chloe because we both knew how much she hated it, whenever I use to wrap my arms around her and try and lean in for the kiss you would light up the room with your big smile and laugh like it was the best thing you had seen in along time. Iíll remember the first time that I saw you cry, I wrote you a letter on Fathers Day in 2007, I was reading this letter the night you passed away and I told you that I wanted to be able to see you everyday and that I would never be able to live without you. Dad, you are an amazing man of God, you were never ashamed to share your faith with people who questioned you. Iíll never forget the time that you shared your testimony at your church living Grace and told people how you experienced a joyful and indescribable moment of peace with your heavenly father, you said that you had never felt such joy in your life, hearing this from you Dad made everything so much more easier knowing that you were going to be in heaven and one day I could see you again. I always wanted you to watch me graduate, to be happy that I made it to the end of my schooling, when you were taken from us here on earth it was honestly all I could think about, but now I believe that you will have the most amazing seats in heaven and you get to watch me graduate with Jesus, I know that both of you will sit there from Heaven watching me proudly and smiling. You were a man of God and you always inspired me to follow with my faith, knowing that I will get to see you again in heaven makes my faith with Jesus so much stronger then it has ever been. Dad, I will miss you so much because you were the best thing that has ever happened to me. I questioned why someone that had so much going for him in his life was taken from us but I have found the understanding that you were taken because you are so special and God wanted you to be with him. Iíll miss the never ending memories that we shared Dad, Iím going to miss you like crazy and I know that as everyday passes it will never get easier. You were not only my hero but you were the best thing thatís ever happened to me. Have fun in heaven Dad, I will always love you and Iíll see you soon.