2014 Jesus Tent Report for One Church Magazine


The theme of Easterfest 2014 was crazy love and the Jesus Tent was one place where this love could be experienced. One woman came into the tent with blurry vision but found that her eyesight improved so that she could read the screen. Another person finally surrendered to God, trusted him again for love and found salvation. A young boy discovered supernatural gold dust on his hands. An older man was sent to the tent by his mate. After prayer, he could see again out of the corner of his eyes and his vision was less blurry. His leg was also much better. However, he had no time for further prayer because he needed to go back to the pub. Yet, God had touched him – a surprising discovery which he expressed in colourful language.

There are many more fantastic testimonies but – amazingly – the Jesus Tent is simple ministry which anyone can do. There is worship, some preaching and much prayer. It operates as an initiative of the Living Grace Lutheran Church (Rev Dr Edgar Mayer) and works in partnership with numerous other churches and ministries as an expression of church unity in Toowoomba.


Report by Rev Dr Edgar Mayer – April 2014


Jesus Tent @ Easterfest 2014 (18-20 April)


When we had our first Jesus Tent in Queens Park (October 2012), there was so much favour from the media, mayor and local churches that the Jesus Tent was invited to be part of Easterfest 2013. The location was inside family camping and quite removed from the other tents. There was also no reference to the Jesus Tent in the Festival Guide and location map. However, God was once again with the tent and Vanessa Schenk, the wife of the Festival Director, received one of the more spectacular healings.

With her permission, I share from the email that she sent me:


From: Ness

Sent: Wednesday, 3 April 2013 2:12 PM


Hi Edgar,


… I came to the Jesus tent on Sunday, after joking about going; I was totally sceptical, sorry!!  On Sunday after an awful couple of days at the festival trying not to vomit on our headline artists, and putting on a fake smile at my husband’s side, a friend decided I had nothing to lose and should go for a healing.  I have been unwell for nearly 18 months, and 12 of those months I was told there was nothing wrong with me and it was all in my head. 6 months ago they actually found I was indeed sick and I needed surgery.  Since that time I have been struggling with severe nausea and awful chest pain.  My doctor and the surgeon both recommended I go to chronic pain management, I have an appointment in May, I no longer need it.  I came on Sunday at 1pm, and I fought the whole way.  When the speaker referred to Psalm 91 I actually laughed out loud as that is the Psalm that I had been clinging to for months.  I continued to fight even when the speaker prayed for me, I’m terribly stubborn!  Anyway, for the first time in my life I let go of my inner control freak and fully surrendered it all to God, and I am so happy that our amazing God has taken away ALL of the pain and nausea. I was on 8 different kinds of medication for this issue, I have not taken any of them since, and I feel AMAZING!! …


On the basis of many good reports, the Jesus Tent was invited back to Easterfest 2014 and now the tent became part of the main campus in Queens Park. Like other tents, it featured in the Festival Guide and took its place in the line-up of attractions. The organizers even made an exception for the Jesus Tent and allowed free entry. [Most free events of Easterfest happen in the city.]

At its heart, the Jesus Tent is simple ministry which anyone can do. There is worship, some preaching and much prayer. It operates as an initiative of the Living Grace Lutheran Church (Rev Dr Edgar Mayer) and works in partnership with numerous other churches (e.g.: Alan Small, Eloum Tiya, Stan Rudowski, Lloyd Gill) and ministries (e.g.: Healing Rooms, Youth With A Mission) as an expression of church unity in Toowoomba.

The tent featured eleven sessions over three days and each day concluded with more prayer and worship after 9pm. God again exceeded all expectations. Here are some of the testimonies:


Healings happened in the tent without anyone praying for the person. For instance, one woman discovered that her eye-sight improved so much that the writing on the screen was no longer blurry but clear. Another woman had come with shoulder pain but left without pain and free movement.


It was hard to keep track of converts but at least seven people made a beginning with Jesus.


A young boy discovered supernatural gold dust on his hands when he washed his hands in the bathroom.


Another young teenager was surprised that Jesus healed his sprained wrist.


A woman came into the tent with crutches but left without them. God healed her torn tendons and she was 95% better.


On the Friday night, one of the intercessors saw a demon in the shape of a gargoyle behind the preacher. However, she could not remove the demon by prayer; therefore complained to God: “Why show me the demon when I cannot deal with it?” God answered: “Just watch what I will do.” Then, she saw a huge angel behind the preacher. The preacher did not even reach the angel’s knee and the angel simply lifted up his foot and stepped on the gargoyle demon squashing him.

The size of the angel may also explain why this Jesus Tent seemed to be easiest of all the tents that we had. God seems to have increased our authority to do his work.


An older man was sent to the tent by his mate. After prayer, he could see again out of the corner of his eyes and his vision was less blurry. His leg was also much better. However, he had no time for further prayer because he needed to go back to the pub. Yet, God had touched him – a surprising discovery which he expressed in colourful language.


From an email (used with permission): ...We visited the Jesus tent at Easterfest this year … On a side note that night after prayer Phil [he has not had heat/cold sensation since his stroke] shivered for the first time and told me he was cold. It hasn’t happened since but I trust that the best is yet to come …


From an email (used with permission): … I prayed for a lady for healing for pain in her shoulders and neck and also for her knee on which she wore a knee brace. The next day she reported that all pain in her body was gone. Since receiving prayer all spasms in her neck and shoulders were gone and the pain in her knee was totally removed and she was no longer wearing her knee brace. Hallelujah.

Another lady who had been through a life time of trauma was set free. Some spirits were bound and sent packing and she was filled with peace and joy. The next day she came for more prayer a different person she was so happy but felt there was just some little thing left. I dealt some pieces of roots that were still attached and she felt the final piece of heaviness leave her.

As for the tent itself, myself and others felt it was the best one we had done. There was an overwhelming sense of peace and unity in the tent …

One lady came forward for generational curses to be dealt with, feeling that there was some stronghold that was damaging family relationships. The next day she reported that a family issue had arisen since I had prayed and for the first time ever felt that there was breakthrough in family behaviour.


From an email (used with permission): … WOW what a fantastic weekend, my head is still spinning. Who would have thought, we (my twin sister and I) would find such love millions of miles from home in the Jesus Tent.  Before your service we took a shortcut to the bathroom behind the Jesus tent, through the “staff” entrance and the double gates literally opened before us, NOT a person in site. NO PERSON OPENED THE GATES. Then we entered your service and the very first song we listened to had heavens gates will open before you or something like that.

ANOTHER double wow moment. We were anointed with oil/water praising in the Jesus tent, I looked up and there was oil and water dripping from above us. Me being pretty practical and to be honest sceptical looked around to see if it was perhaps condensation dripping from above. “I am a practical black and white person was looking for a logical explanation. I could not find one. It was broad daylight, not a cloud in the sky, and a good breeze flowing through the tent. ME who has little faith ... or should I say the size of a mustard seed. ... I am ashamed to say. NN pointed out to me it’s oil, we were being anointed. NN said to me after the service a lady had prophesized that she would be anointed in oil, this lady was in Perth.  

I have been radically touched by the holy spirit in your service, however I want and need more anointing and filling up and give me rest. I have been exhausted as my sister has been sick … When NN’s husband left her that was the last straw, she ended up in a psychiatric ward …

So … the Love in your Jesus Tent, actually meant a lot more to us then you will ever know.  I knew NN needed to be filled up by the holy spirit more than you would ever imagine, and your gorgeous Lutheran Church provided the home for this to happen.

So thank you!


A young man came to the meeting on Sunday night because the Festival Guide mistakenly advertised the session as “Physics & the Saviour” rather than “Psychics & the Saviour”. He came because he was interested in science and mathematics but then heard a message about the reality of Satan and demons according to the Bible and experience. God convicted him of his attitude towards spiritual warfare and he requested prayer for the removal of fear about spiritual gifts. He wanted to get back into more mission work.


From an email (used with permission): It was an incredible 4 days … After setting up the caravan we rode our bikes to Queens Park, where Easter Fest was underway. Easter Fest is a huge Christian music festival, where they have a “Jesus Tent”, which is overseen by Pastor Edgar Mayer and manned by volunteers from his church, Living Grace.

Edgar came to St. John’s last October to share with us his experiences of the Holy Spirit. He told us about this incredible gift God wants to bestow on those who believe in Jesus and the signs that may accompany His presence, such as miraculous healing and “tongues” (praying in an unknown language). Edgar also told us about physical manifestations of God’s presence that occurred at Living Grace, for example gold dust/flecks on people’s faces or hands, or a cloud (see Exodus 40:34-38) inside the church which remained for over an hour. I decided I needed to see this with my own eyes, so the idea was born to go to Toowoomba. When I contacted Edgar, he suggested Easter was a good time to visit.

When we entered the tent a session had just finished and there were some people at the front being prayed for. We briefly spoke to Edgar, who told us about the next session, which we returned for. A Sudanese pastor and his interpreter spoke animatedly, but we decided to leave after a while because we wanted to cycle back to the caravan park in daylight. (It gets dark by 6pm.)

Easter Sunday. Living Grace. Not your usual Lutheran church service! A small band plays modern worship songs. The children are dancing around the stage. Some are waving colourful banners/flags. Edgar shares about some healings from the tent. Communion. A guest speaker gives the message. No gold dust, no cloud, only the smell of citrus about half-way through the service! Prayer time. The congregation is invited to come forward to be prayed for. About 5 people are ‘pray-ers’ but there are also ‘catchers’. So as people are being prayed for, some seem to faint, are caught and are gently laid on the floor. (In Pentecostal circles this is known as being slain in the Spirit.) Whoa! I watch carefully to see if I can see any tricks being used. Dietmar decides he will go out and the visiting pastor prays for him. Soon after Dietmar is lying on the floor! Edgar comes over and tells Dietmar to rest there for a bit, then encourages me to go for prayer also. With some reservation I go forward. The pastor takes my hands in his and tells me that God wants to do more in my life and use me to bless others. I feel a gentle rocking and wonder whether the pastor is pushing me. I steady myself. He puts my hands on my stomach and says, ‘let out the cork, let the living water flow’. This really touched my heart because it’s one of my favourite Scriptures (see John 4:13-14 and 7:37-39). So I let go and then I’m aware of being on the floor! I stay there a while, feeling peaceful, then get up. No-one pays much attention because it is a normal occurrence at Living Grace! We leave church and can hardly believe what just happened. Dietmar says he was determined not to go down. Seems the Holy Spirit had different plans! When Dietmar lies flat on his back without a pillow it causes him pain. Incredibly, as he lay there on the floor he felt no pain at all.

That night we go back to the Jesus Tent. Edgar is speaking on the occult and the Holy Spirit. First he tells of instances of healing in the tent, then a man comes forward and says that after the meeting yesterday his young son had gold flecks on his hands! A young man, who had been abused when he was 12, shares his story of healing and deliverance from demons. We listen to Edgar’s message and realize that there are evil forces at work in the world, which Jesus also had to deal with. Twice while he is speaking I feel a physical stirring in my chest. Edgar concludes with the offer of prayer. Many go forward. We just sit and marvel at the way God is at work, touching people’s lives. It gets quieter, people are leaving. Edgar asks if he can pray for us. Of course! We go to the front. Dietmar first. Edgar touches his hands to bless him and Dietmar goes down! I look at Edgar in amazement. He just smiles and says, ‘he’s really open to God now’. Edgar prays for me, I stay on my feet ...

On Tuesday we were invited to Edgar’s home for coffee. We had the opportunity to talk about different things, including what we had experienced. We prayed for each other.

Wow, isn’t God amazing!


Throughout the three days, there was a wonderful sense of peace in the tent and among its people.


Various YWAM (Youth With A Mission) bands played for the worship sessions in the tent and they came with the song which turned out to be the theme for the tent: Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture (“There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain.”)


The sense of team in the Jesus Tent was wonderful. One person put it well and said that the sense of fellowship was “homely”.


The Jesus Tent is an adventure because God is good and exciting and we believe that there is more to come. There is no name above the name that the tent proclaims: Jesus.